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Watkins Alley Kitchen

Home means more now than ever. 

For many of us, home is more than a physical location; it’s a feeling of safety, security, and belonging. 

The past year reminded us of the importance of our homes. Our homes have become our workplaces, schools, gyms, and much more. 

One thing is certain, our experience of “home” directly impacts our well-being. At Watkins Alley, the homes have been designed for today’s uncertain world with multiple work-from-home spaces and quiet nooks for reading or puzzles. Each home design incorporates large, sunlit windows allowing the outdoors – in, brightening your mood as well your home.  All new homes should be like this.

Watkins Alley was inspired by the well-established Capitol Hill community, a place known for close ties between neighbors. We designed an alleyway and courtyard system to connect both homes and people–a place, we believe, worthy of being called “home”. 

In this video, Martin Ditto and Sean Ruppert discuss what makes the Watkins Alley project so special. 

“The ache for home lives in all of us.”  – Maya Angelou

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