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The intrinsic benefits of co-living have been clear and this housing trend continues to grow exponentially across the globe. The World Economic Forum recently checked in with various organizations studying the benefits of co-living and shared their findings:

  • It’s thought 70% of people will live in cities by 2050. Co-living could offer sustainable, affordable housing options for many.
  • The world’s loneliness and mental health crisis is being exacerbated by the pandemic.
  • Communal living can provide companionship for those who don’t want to live alone.
  • Studies suggest living with others can help anxiety and improve mental wellbeing.
OSLO Resident

In this comprehensive report, the World Health Organization published research on how co-living could have a beneficial impact on mental wellbeing.

“Our review indicates that the co-housing model can be positively associated with health outcomes through psychosocial determinants of health, such as increased social support, sense of community and physical, emotional and economic security, as well as reduced social isolation,” the report observed, suggesting the subject was so important that broader studies were needed.

OSLO residents

We developed the OSLO co-living brand to meet the needs and challenges of today’s urban dweller. Our design-led, thoughtful approach to purpose-built living offers amenities that bring people together. You don’t have to compromise privacy in our spacious and modern buildings. We also offer furnished rooms and make the moving-in process seamless for our residents. We believe in alleviating as much stress as possible when it comes to the process of finding and making your home with us.

Hear what our residents have to say about their experiences at OSLO:

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