Our Neighbors – District Doughnut, Capitol Hill

With an entrepreneurial hunger, but a desire to keep their growing business down-to-earth Americana, District Doughnut co-founders Greg Menna and Chef Christine Schaefer have kept their mission simple: craft the better doughnut. Choosing to put down roots on Barracks Row, District Doughnut looks to Capitol Hill residents as its first taste testers and neighbors.

Greg mused on how setting up shop here has always just felt right, “We love how it’s proven true how many people there are who have loved us back, and we still see them and five years later they know us and we know them when they come in.”

While the doughnut gurus love all their customers, here and there even they play favorites. For Greg and Chef Christine, it’s a family with two little girls who have an affinity for doughnuts that stand out. They’d visit the shop and get the usual – milk chocolate glaze – and always ask the DD staff how their day is going. Chef Christine laughs, “We’ve just become friends in a way that they would call us to do a special doughnut party for their girls. One of their girls asked for a doughnut themed birthday!”

Why start here out of any spot in DC? Well, Greg and Chef Christine were candid that Capitol Hill is where you’re in the heart of the city, but you don’t feel like you’re in a city. It feels like a smaller town with grassy, tree lined streets and families walking with their kids. A neighborhood where they knew their staff and customers would feel connected beyond the transaction – more like friends.

What makes your neighborhood feel like home?

As a Capitol Hill resident herself, Chef Christine confirms Southeast is the best of both worlds: “I love being able to walk somewhere to get a coffee, but I also love having a home that feels like you’re not in a city.”

Most popular doughnut?

One of our original flavors: Brown Butter. Vanilla bean dough, cinnamon, and brown butter drizzle.

How many options are there to drool over?

Around a dozen. Some with sprinkles, some with crumbles, others with tasty glazes. And for the first time ever, a savory option – the Everything Cream Cheese.

Donut vs. Doughnut?

You’re going to want to hear why doughnut wins out at District Doughnut.

Listen to the full audio to hear directly from Greg and Chef Christine why this makes all the difference, and why District Doughnut is itself a Capitol Hill “somewhere.”

Do doughnuts win awards?

Oh, they do. District Doughnut’s Chocolate Glaze has won best doughnut in DC, and Food & Wine Magazine voted the Salted Dulche de Leche one of the top 5 doughnuts in the country!

Listen to Christine & Greg share their love for Capitol Hill.

749 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 817-3196



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