Food x Mental Health

Nutrition Happens Food for Mental Health

Building a healthy lifestyle requires attention to five main aspects of your personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual. The connection between food and mental health has never had more meaning than now, as we slowly emerge from a pandemic and ease into new routines and try to find a new normal. During these challenging times, we’ve all been forced out of our comfort zones which can lead to changes in our overall health.

We’ve been paying attention to the experts who have been inspiring us to make better choices and more informed decisions about what we feed our body and soul. From easy recipes, mood boosting mantras to important tips about nutritional benefits to aid our mental health journey.

These are our top 5 go-to experts:

1. Alissa Rumsey – @alissarumseyrd


2. McKel Kooienga – @nutritionstripped 


3. May Zhu – @nutritionhappens


4. Wendy & Jess – @foodheaven


5. Dr Hazel Wallace – @thefoodmedic

[May is Mental Health Awareness month. Throughout the month we are exploring traditional and alternative ways to care for our mental wellbeing.]

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