We believe in happier,
healthier living.


What began as a real estate brand has grown to be much more. We are on a mission to create spaces and experiences to help people live happier, healthier lives. Ultimately, with each other.  

We flipped our first house in 2008. Since then we’ve delivered more than 70 houses, multifamily buildings, and retail spaces. We embraced the power of design and the positive impact it can have on one’s experience of space. We awoken our desire to push boundaries and try new things. We broke records, won awards, started a property management company, and people took notice along the way. 

In a world that can feel increasingly isolated, we need each other more than ever. We believe in the power of community. We are a social species, we like to gather, we need each other to thrive. By living closer and looking out for one another, we can strengthen our social fabric and achieve untold good for our neighborhood and the planet that sustains us all. 

We spend almost all our time in the built environment. What if every space you interacted with put your emotional, mental and physical well being first? What if you were encouraged to live in the present, to slow down and just be? This is a future world we imagine. 

At Ditto, we’re changing the way real estate is done. If you live in one of our homes, our hope is your life is changed for the better. That you find a neighbor (or two, or ten) whom you meaningfully connect with. Everyone deserves a happier, healthier life. We’ll help you find yours.

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