8 Things Every Capitol Hill Family Should Know

Community. Green space. Food. Schools. Culture. Balance.

Why do so many families call Capitol Hill home? Well, it’s simple – the neighborhood has something to offer to every member of the family. 

We sat down with one particularly special family to find out what they LOVE about their neighborhood, and they shared a few pointers that they’ve learned after 5 and a half years on the Hill. Here are eight of their very best tips.


Dad — weekday marketing officer, weekend pancake-seeker
Mom — household CEO, famed for treating neighbors like family
3 sons — lovers of soccer, donuts, pancakes, Star Wars, and pure raw adventure

1. Observe

Every street has its own cadence. A time in the morning when it comes alive – when the dog walks happen and commutes begin – and a time of evening when it all starts to wind down. Learning your street’s routine provides small opportunities to engage with your community. Sometimes those moments are just a friendly
“Good Morning” and at other times it’s an offer to water herb gardens during travels. We recently found out that our neighbor is a renowned Shakespear expert.

2. Play

Capitol Hill offers tons of green and play space. From Lincoln Park to Folger Park and all the small ones in-between (including the fondly referred to “turtle park” near Eastern Market for its climbable turtle statues), there are endless spaces to play soccer, walk the dog, and picnic. Not to mention, alleyways offer the perfect off-street spaces for basketball goals and chalk-art.

3. Eat

We recommend working your way through the neighborhood to find the perfect pancake. There’s so many options! Some of our favorites are Jimmy T’s, Ted’s Bulletin, and the Market Lunch. For no lines and the best booths, the earlier you go, the better.

4. Walk

Everyone in the neighborhood walks to school. It’s a treasured routine and a time for some exercise and fresh air at the beginning of the school day. We love the opportunity for morning family chats and run-ins with neighborhood and school friends. Our family’s lucky departure time is 8:24 am; if you master the stoplight timing, you’ll know exactly how long chaos can ensue at the house before everyone misses the first bell.

5. Learn

We highly recommend swim lessons at the William H. Rumsey Aquatic Center. Also the Southeast DC Public Library is amazing; free, unlimited access to all the books you and your kids want!

6. Share

Share recommendations with your neighbors! Mechanic? Dry cleaner? Cobbler? Painter? We love giving and receiving recommendations. Remove your neighbor’s burden of mining online reviews, and share your go-to’s. Plus, what a great way to support local businesses!

7. Explore

Weekends at Eastern Market are like having a little street fair every Saturday and Sunday. From hot-and-fresh mini donuts to art vendors to picking out fresh produce for the week ahead, it’s a tradition to look forward to every week.

8. Embrace

Capitol Hill is an ever changing neighborhood with a rich history and culture. It is diverse in all the ways. Celebrate that vibrancy by engaging with those around you, listening to the stories of long standing residents, and taking pride and ownership in arguably DC’s best neighborhood. You will fall in love with this area. 

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