4 Updates to Make at Home This Spring

Spring Updates Living Room

With warm weather just around the corner, we have spring cleaning and home projects on the mind.

In search of inspiration, we took a trip to our local hardware store Frager’s, a Capitol Hill icon, known for its local charm and commitment to the neighborhood. During our visit, we had a chance to chat with Gina Schaefer who owns the hardware store along with her husband, Marc Friedman . Gina told us about the resilient history of the store, which many will remember suffered from a fire in 2013. She also walked us through the store’s eclectic aisles as we explored a few projects to tackle.

Here are four mood-lifting ideas we found at Frager’s.

1. Create an Indoor Garden

If a dog is man’s best friend, then plants may be it’s closest cousin. The vibrant greenery offers tremendous benefits for our health. Studies have shown that indoor plants can both reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Seems like a good reason to add some green this spring!


Pilea 4”

SKU 705593| Retail $14.99

Monsteras. From Gina: “We carry from 4” to 10” but our 10” are the most popular”
SKU 705104 | Retail $39.99

2. Improve Your Lighting

This is a big one! Light has much more than just the obvious visual effects – it also impacts our biological and psychological health as well. Making sure that the lighting in your home works for YOU can have a noticeable impact on your overall well being and quality of sleep. Thankfully, Frager’s has some awesome options to get you started!


From Gina: “We love Globe Electric light bulbs and their plug in hanging lights.”
Hanging Pendant
SKU 300166 | Retail $29.99

Decorative Pendant Shade
SKU 3000170 | Retail $17.99

From Gina: “New this year are these cool solar balcony lights”
SKU KA2154 | Retail $29.99 for a three pack

3. (Finally) Hang Your Art

If you’re like us, you have unhung art laying around your house. Wall art can go a long way in inspiring us in our everyday lives and evoking creative thoughts and a healthy mindset. 


From Gina: “We have the tools for your hanging needs. From levels that range in price from 3.99 all the way to $39.99 for a fat max.”
SKU 2012391

From Gina: “To hammers, nails and command strips for when you don’t want to put a whole in the wall. A 12 pack of Velcro Command Strip hangers that can hold up to 12 lbs.”
SKU 5018891 | Retail $11.99

From Gina: “We also have patch and repair supplies for when you need to fill any holes from your hanging”
SKU 1614767 | Retail $8.99 for a 4 in 1 patch and primer tool

4. Rev Up Your Kitchen

We all know how important our nutrition is to our overall health. Frager’s understands this too and offers some great sustainably-made kitchen tools to help make cooking more fun.


Island Bamboo, spoons & spatulas made out of brightly colored pakka wood. For example this Rainbow Pakka Spurtle which is great for stirring soups and sauces.
SKU 130467 | Retail $12.99

Ototo Design which turns basic kitchen tools into fun characters like the Spaghetti monster colander SKU 582934 | Retail $16.99
The Nessie ladle SKU 260460 | Retail $14.99

From Gina: “We try to support sustainability by carrying reusable containers and alternatives to plastic bags like reusable bees wax wraps by Meli, you can get a 3 pack with fun designs like the Kahanu print.”
SKU 648656 | Retail 23.9

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