Edmonds School.

901 D St NE, Washington, DC

We converted this 1902 Marsh and Peter-designed elementary school into twenty condominiums and four adjacent townhomes. The project was nationally recognized and won the 2014 NAHB Best Small Condo Community of the year.


To repurpose this Capitol Hill landmark, we consulted with an architectural historian. We wanted the design to remain true to the spirit of the original building. Every decision concerning the existing structure and the final layout of the units required meticulous attention to detail and close coordination with DC's Historic Preservation Office.


To preserve the historical integrity of the building, we re-engineered and reclaimed the extant wood and masonry structures from the foundation to the roof.


The Edmonds School project also includes four new construction townhomes. The interiors of the four-floor homes were designed by Darryl Carter and have roof decks with un-beatable views of the city


Expansive windows, abundant light and ceiling heights greater than 10-feet are only a few of the completed spaces’ most impressive features. For more information about the property, visit www.edmondsschooldc.com.

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